Luxury Rose Vanilla Bath Bomb Bars

Indulge by adding relaxing aromatherapy into your daily bath routine.
Rose Bath Bombs are intended to relax and ease your anxiety and reduce your stress levels. Rose essential oil is known to help with irritated and unpleasant skin conditions.

• Relieves sore muscles
• Eases aches and pains
• Cleanses dust and impurities
• Rejuvenates dry skin
• Invigorates your senses
• Eases anxiety
• Relieves tension
• Gives you smooth and soft skin

NATURAL SKIN CARE: Bath Bomb Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Corn Starch, Dry Rose Petals, Rose Essential Oil - vanilla fragrance oil

Preservatives Free – Chemicals Free – Cruelty Free – Non GMO – SLS Free – SLSA Free – Sulfate Free – Paraben Free – Phthalate Free – Vegan Friendly

Bath bomb packaging: 2 options

1. Bath Bomb Bars in Wood lid glass jar.
Contains 3 bath bomb bars (2oz each)
Once the bar are finished you can order refills or repurpose the jar!
(Wood lid might slightly vary depending on availability)
Jar Dimensions:
450ml about 16oz, Diameter: 3.54 inch , Height: 3.93 inch, Mouth Width 3.34 inch.

2. Bath Bomb Squares in pouch. Contains 3 square bath Bomb squares (1.5 oz each) Pouch is resealable for freshness.

3. Refills available for glass container - 3 full refills (2oz each)

Each bath bomb is shrink wrapped to preserve freshness and arrives in pristine condition. An ingredient label is included.

How to store bath bombs: To make sure you get the best experience each time, store bath bombs in a cool, dry place away from heat or direct sunlight. Any moisture will cause the bath bomb to fizz prematurely and it will lose its effectiveness.

Bath bombs shelf life: As long as stored properly, bath bombs could be kept for several months.

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