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Artist Supply Resource

New to Resin? I got you covered! This page has links to items I purchase often through Amazon and use in all my work! 

Buying items through these links support me as an artist for no additional cost to you!

Image by Douglas Bagg

Epoxy Resin

“I am a full-time resin artist  and I have worked with a variety of resins over the years and, at this point, consider MAS Epoxy Systems to be the very best for my Art Work. I highly recommend this product over all the others I’ve used to create art and have now switched exclusively to MAS Epoxies! ”

Use code ARIAMARlI for a discount and try it for yourself!

I guarantee you'll make the switch! 

resin suppliess.jpg

Resin Supplies

Here are all the supplies I order and use in my studio daily! 

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