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**Title:** Flush'em  
**Dimensions:** 48" x 24"  
**Artist:** Karim Aboud  
**Gallery:** Aria Marli Art  


"Flush'em" by Karim Aboud is a vibrant and bold painting that captures the essence of confidence and allure. Measuring 48 inches by 24 inches, this artwork draws the viewer's attention with its striking composition and vivid color palette.

The painting features a close-up of a woman's legs adorned in eye-catching red high heels, exuding a sense of power and sophistication. She is depicted holding a royal flush of hearts, symbolizing luck, strategy, and triumph in the game of poker. The interplay of warm and cool tones in the rendering of her legs adds depth and dimension to the piece, while the background is a dynamic mix of geometric patterns and card symbols, further enhancing the theme of gambling and chance.

Aboud’s use of clean lines and stylized forms creates a modern, almost pop-art aesthetic that is both playful and evocative. The red high heels stand out prominently, their glossy finish capturing the light and drawing the eye. The careful detailing of the playing cards and the woman's poised hand adds a narrative element, inviting viewers to speculate on the story behind the image.

"Flush'em" is a celebration of bold femininity and the thrill of the game, encapsulated in a moment of poised confidence. Aboud's artistic flair and keen eye for detail make this painting a captivating addition to the collection at Aria Marli Art.

Original painting - Comes with Certificate Of Authenticity

"Flush'em" by Aria Marli Collections

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