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I've been a resin artist for 5+ years now. I love the medium and I wanted to challenge myself by combining my signature resin waves and my love of painting the woman art form. The added challenge of using resin on such a giant canvas really motivated me. I'm very proud of this piece and videos/photos do no do this piece justice.

Inspiration behind the piece:

Life isn't always easy and the world recently learned last year waves can come at you fast and when you least expect it, but it's about how you get back up. When my youngest daughter passed away at 15 months three years ago, I could have let the waves drown me. I could have let them overcome me but instead I chose life. I chose joy, happiness, and to continue to find the beauty in the world. Life can be a bitch or Life can be a Beach. You decide.

This listing is for this 48x48 inch Mixed Media Painting by Aria Marli Collections

Resin on Gallery Wrapped Canvas - sealed and comes wired and ready to hang with Certificate of Authenticity. 

For more work or behind the scenes on how this painting was made visit @aria.marli on Instagram 

Wall Art- Resin Ocean Art - Beach Art- 48x48 inch Original Painting

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